iAssist wins PPS Award for the most innovative property software of the year!

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Most people consider that the fastest way in and out of a property is using dictation – although iAssist’s time saving touch screen input techniques are capable of throwing that into question. However the catch when using dictation to complete a property inventory, rather than using Inventory Software (which auto formats and the report on site complete with integrated photographs), has always been increased administration and fees off site.

Until now that is. Because technology is changing and voice recognition has come into its own – with the latest...


Chances are you’ll be grateful at some point that we’ve developed our software so it can be installed and used on desktops, laptops and tablets – anything really that runs the Windows OS*. When combined with the fact that you can register unlimited machines under the same account this becomes even more significant. Of course can you carry out and view the entire property inventory report on site on a tablet and later access your property inventories reports from any other computer online. But this also means that you can also easily download a property...


In true iAssist style, in delivering the ability to assign responsibilities on inventories, we’ve taken the opportunity to deliver a lot more.

The perceived need was to create a way of identifying which items and comments required the landlord’s attention, and which required some action on the part of the tenant.

So straight away we decided to send the selected comments to extract lists rather than use a key letter next to the comment. This seemed evidently better because the reader of your property inventory reports won’t have to scan the...